About Star Creek Energy

Star Creek Energy produces and participates in oil and gas plays. We invest along with our partners in prospects and exploration plays with compelling reward-to-risk ratios.

We recognize opportunities created by new discoveries, new ideas, new technology, improved access or favorable business conditions before these opportunities are fully valued by the industry.

Exploration Strategy:

  • Global experience applied to local opportunities
  • Regional context for better opportunity and upside potential
  • Integrated well and seismic data
  • Close attention paid to risk-to-reward ratio
  • Exploration in areas with minimal outside competition
  • Drilling and completion near existing infrastructure
  • Risk reduction through technology
  • We build on success

Star Creek Energy’s goals are to create value through production for our partners and ourselves, to be nimble and responsive to opportunities using the latest technology, and to see the big picture beneath the surface.

About the "Star Creek Energy" Name

Star Creek Energy was founded by Charles Sternbach and Linda Sternbach in 2004. “Sternbach” means “Star Creek” in German and as proud Texans, their business sports the Texas star as its logo.

Today, Star Creek Energy capitalizes on the Sternbach’s more than 50 years of their combined exploration experience, technology skills and extensive professional contacts in the petroleum industry to create high value, low risk oil and gas opportunities for their partners.